Donate Today to Leb. Rec.

Interested in donating to Lebanon Recreation?

If so we have a few different ways you can do that:
- Volunteer 
  • Donate your time to help with a special event, program, or project.
  • Serve on the new Friends of Lebanon Recreation Non-Profit. 
- Monetarily
  • Lebanon Recreation Financial Assistance program provides opportunities for youth and adults to participate in various programs with Lebanon Recreation.
  • Mascoma River Greenway
  • Youth Sports Teams
  • Special Events
  • Farmers' Market
  • Concerts/Entertainment
  • Skatepark
- Equipment
  • Do you have cleats that are cleaned up from the season and don't fit anymore?  We've got the opportunity to re-use and recycle cleats for others to use.
Have a question about any of the above feel free to contact Lebanon Recreation & Parks at 603-448-5121, or contact